Djellaba homme , l’élégance marocaine

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The men's djellaba is undoubtedly Morocco's most emblematic traditional garment for men. This long hooded robe, with its clean lines and minimalist spirit, has been enhancing the figure of Moroccan men for centuries. So we've decided to showcase this traditional Moroccan garment in our online shop!

The men's djellaba: a historic garment with ancestral origins

The men's jellaba has its roots in traditional Moroccan dress, worn as far back as the 11th century. Its current form, a long hooded robe with long sleeves, became popular under the Moroccan Almoravid dynasty in the 12th century.

Perfectly suited to the Moroccan climate, Moroccan dress offers great freedom of movement while providing effective protection from both cold and heat. Its hood also provides protection from the elements.

With its straight cut, sobriety and often plain colours, the men's djellaba gives an impression of timelessness. This Moroccan garment with its refined design has a timeless quality that allows it to stand the test of time without taking on a single wrinkle.

The men's jellaba can be worn in everyday life, to go about one's business, or for more formal occasions. Many Moroccans also wear it to Friday prayers.

Men's Djellaba : the online shop specialising in iconic Moroccan clothing

This traditional Moroccan garment is widely worn throughout the Maghreb. It can be found in different variations in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. Each country has its own version of the djellaba, with its own regional characteristics.

However, the men's djellaba remains undeniably linked to the image of Morocco, in the same way as the tagine, babouches or zellige. It is one of the symbols of the craftsmanship and age-old know-how of the Cherifian kingdom. For many, this Moroccan garment represents the very essence of Moroccan elegance.

It is therefore an integral part of the Moroccan wardrobe. It is often passed down from father to son, through the generations. Dressing in this traditional Moroccan garment is part of the country's cultural heritage.

Today, the men's djellaba retains all its relevance and is still widely worn by Moroccans. Combining timeless style with optimum comfort, this historic garment is still very much on trend, despite the passage of centuries!

Multifunctional Moroccan clothing

The men's jellaba can be adapted to suit all styles and body shapes. It can be worn for a stroll around town, an evening out with friends or a more elegant event. Its hood and wide sleeves provide protection from the rain. It's THE 4-season garment par excellence.

Now it's up to you to choose this great alternative. You can also wear it over a qamis. Really, this Moroccan outfit has a lot to offer.

Moroccan women also have the option of wearing this garment, as there is the women's djellaba. In the end, everyone agrees on this piece of clothing. So don't be surprised to hear that the men's djellaba is a highly sought-after product.

To find one, you don't need to wander around for hours. Especially when you know that a few clicks are all it takes!